Building a Company on the Basis of Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility

Here is what Raed Bechara had to say about: …arrived in Canada I left Syria to settle in Quebec in 1987 at the age of 16. Leaving everything behind was not easy. I didn’t know a word of French or English. I didn’t have any friends here. But my parents wanted to give me and […]

Strategic Planning

Why a Strategic Plan is Important

It is necessary that every organization has a Strategic Plan, although sometimes it is thought that the mission and vision of a company, is part of the decor of the reception room. This Strategic Plan helps the leaders of an organization to shape the direction they want to give to the company, and when this […]


Do you play “Good Boss – Bad Boss”?

How many entrepreneurs had a 3-5 year training as a boss, as a leader before their entrepreneurial career? Who can take the time to attend a seminar on leadership? So what do we do? – We act and lead mostly in such a way, as we consider it right. Do our employees see it the […]


The Innovation of Innovation

The next economy requires new innovation strategies: the potentials of the postal growth economy can be tapped by means of exnovation, renovation and imitation. There is a lot of talk about innovation, especially in times of upheaval. Understood as a vehicle that carries technical progress into the markets and to consumers, however, innovation has a […]


Why Have An Auditor?

Companies, depending on their legal form, or their size (turnover, balance sheet total, or workforce thresholds) are required to appoint an Auditor. This obligation is sometimes perceived as an additional burden with no real added value for the company. This is why Valoxy, an accounting firm in the Hauts de France, will focus in this […]